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"Frosty Talks to"

Frosty recently stopped by the my dj's radio studio. He sat down with host Chi Bully to talk about the early days of San Diego hip hop. He noted the influence of pioneers like Green Eyes, Gansta Ern, IBM and Big June and expressed his concerns on the lack of representation of local music in San Diego Venues.

"Essays: 2nd Installment"

Essays: 2nd Installment was filmed in historic Balboa Park and reveals the personal side of an emcee sharing some of his philosophies on emceeing.


Frosty delivers exactly what you would expect from a well versed seasoned MC. In this video Frosty takes you on a Audio Graffiti journey through the founding elements of hip-hop culture.

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After years of worldwide underground fame from five albums with ICONS, Frosty the Know-Matic has released his long awaited solo project “Audiograff”. Frosty delivers exactly what you would expect from a well-versed seasoned MC who has made a name for himself through his dedication to the preservation of authenticity in hip hop culture. Frosty is “a born orator, whose perfect diction and immaculate enunciation (syllables stressed in exactly the right spot) make for a commanding, almost professor-like presence.” [Source: NBC SoundDiego.] His 6 song EP takes you on a journey through the elements of hip-hop. The Audiograff EP is produced entirely by beatsmith and sound engineer Steve Vicious.


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